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Locally owned and operated, Standard Insulation & Removal, Inc. is proud to serve the Lake Stevens, Washington and the Puget Sound region. We will personally assist you in determining the best solution for your existing home or your new construction project. Making your home more energy efficient through insulation installation can help save you money! Give us a call for a free estimate.

We use a variety of applications to meet your individual needs. The trained technicians at Standard Insulation & Removal can help insulate attics, walls, floors and more.

We provide a wide array of services, including:

*Batt installation

*Thermal and acoustical applications

*Skylight, heat duct and water pipe wrapping

*Duct sealing

*Blown-in loose insulation and baffle for proper ventilation

*Removal and disposal of all types of insulation

*Industrial vacuuming of loose material

*Removal and installation of poly vapor barrier

*Removal of rodent infested batt and loose insulation

*Rodent exclusion work

*Bacteria enzyme application